The Families of Yarn


The Boffin family is known for their height, strength, and mirth. If someone is walking through the town and they are a good head taller than the others, you can safely bet it’s a Boffin. While the odd household may take to shepherding for the other families, majority of the Boffin clan finds work more physically demanding occupations appealing. Whenever their is a building project of any sort, be certain that a Boffin will try to lend a hand.

During the past 200 years of trade, the Boffins didn’t feel the same ties to the island as many other families. Much of their youth left to explore the rest of the world by joining the trade ship.


The Chubb family separated itself from the Cotton Family many generations ago due to a personal conflict between the matriarch and her younger sister. Some village elders will argue that the younger sister was cast out of the family because of her greed and ambition. Others will argue that the younger sister left because she was tired of the older sister calling her fat. Evidence can be seen in many members of the Chubb family that supports both of these stories.


The cotton family is in charge of raising the blue sheep of the island. They are known most for their industriousness and their fine crafting. Cottons have run the forge for as long as anyone can remember.


Greenbottles initially tended the purple sheep until it got confusing and they traded colors with the Trills so that they would be in charge of the green sheep. This is a clear example of the placating nature common among Greenbottles. You’ll never find a more sheepish and polite group of people.


The Hornblowers are outgoing and outspoken. They are decisive and caring. They find the need to lead and tend to everyone. However, this decisiveness and outspokenness clashes with their care, often resulting in them bluntly telling people what their problems are in friendly tones in hopes that they can move right along to fixing these things. The Hornblowers are the most prominent family in the worship of Yondalla, seeing the church as an excellent means to do good and spread comfort. Their matriarch serves as the priestess for the village.


The Thornwood are very isolated. Many of the households hardly speak to each other, much less to those of other families. Their customs are strange and morbid to the other families and thus has practically been shunned. Children ridicule them for being cannibals and practices of evil magics. Very often, if something has gone wrong, the Thornwood are the first to be blamed. Because of this, they are often defensive, self sufficient, and edgy around others. Every now and then, there comes a household that mingles with the other families. They are typically welcomed by the other families, but this prejudice eventually rears it’s ugly head in time. Pleasant disguises can only be held for so long.


The trill family have a reputation for being adventurous. A vast majority of the Trill family left for the foreign lands the moment they got the chance. Many of them even enlisted with the king’s army when they came 200 years ago. At the time, they were the only family to do so. The trill that left gave much of their lands to their neighbors, the Thornwoods and Weatherbees. Because of this, they are seen as flighty and evasive. Their lands nestle against the rock’s cliff face. Their youth tend to spend much time climbing upon the cliff side. They still maintain the traditional sign of adulthood as being capable of climbing to the top of the cliff.


The Weatherbees are quiet folk. Like the Thornwood, they are significantly more isolationist. They believe in keeping everything separate and love their categories. They uphold tradition to every degree and maintain the traditions they had in the past, accepting no change. The men are to provide for the women, who are expected to have as many children as possible. A Weatherbee woman who is not pregnant is either currently trying to be, or is a failure. They wear traditional clothing of brown and green wool, as to help them blend in with the surroundings. They believe wholeheartedly that something will come to attack, and when they do, the population will be reduced. They are expert rock tosses and excellent bird hunters.

The primitive lifestyle of the Weatherbee is unpleasant to the other families. They are in good relations with the Trill ever since the Trill gave the Weatherbee a considerable amount of acreage.

Overpoulation of their lands have lead to many of them being malnourished. They will not accept food from the other families and will not trade with them. The family is deeply fractured because of this as jealousy sets in when one household’s acreage produces more food than another’s.


The Tealeafs are consumers of culture. Stories and songs are not simply for bedtime and festivals. Dance and fine clothing are daily things for Tealeafs. The Tealeafs prefer to wear clothes of all colors and shapes. They are eccentric in this regard. They are socialites and delight in hosting parties and festivals. Whenever any holliday nears, the Tealeafs are usually the first to volunteer for organizing the event.

The Families of Yarn

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